National Geographic Travel Tours & Trips in 2024 (2024)

Get an idea of what your adventure could be like from people who have enjoyed their travels with National Geographic Journeys.

I learnt so much about Costa Rica, its history, flora and fauna. I have some amazing memories and have made some firm friends from the tour. It was excellent and, as a result, I know I will be going back to Costa Rica in the future!

Jayenne C., Explore Costa Rica

It was a wonderful experience that I have already recommended to several friends. The accommodations were great and well located. Yoko was a well-organized, helpful and knowledgeable guide.

Patricia S., Iconic Japan

AMAZING! From being able to try such a variety of experiences, learning the culture and history to meeting NOW everlasting newer friendships from this vacation. This is by far one of the best, and most enriching vacations I have ever had—for both my husband and I.

Maria L., Explore Machu Picchu

Absolutely fabulous! This was the best vacation we have ever had in that we were part of a small group of people who all love the outdoors, learning and experiencing new places, foods, culture, and best of all, people! Our CEO was fantastic! He shared so much of his beautiful homeland with us through visits to hidden gems, meeting local people, sharing time and culture with the unique and lovely people of New Zealand. We hiked, we ate, we heard, we saw, we felt, and we laughed and hugged a lot! We left a piece of our hearts in New Zealand. What we took away from all this is a lifetime of fantastic memories.

Virginia D., New Zealand Journey

This trip totally exceeded my expectations. Our CEO, Moses, and driver, Edward, were both excellent and really made the adventure everything it was. They worked really well together and were really friendly, informative and enthusiastic. The wildlife itself was superb, better than I had hoped and because of the guys' enthusiasm I found myself interested in far more than just the bigger animals. The standard of accommodation and food was excellent and I really enjoyed all the activities included in the tour. The tour felt totally authentic, and it really felt like people were welcoming of us on the basis of the positive work done in the community.

Caroline D., Tanzania Safari Experience

This trip was truly an adventure worth taking. In one short week, I came face-to-face with 13 gorillas, sprinted through a forest in pursuit of chimpanzees, watched a mother hippo protectively shield her baby from our view, and listened to a pride of lions devour a buffalo carcass at sunset. Experiences like these provide lifelong memories, and as an added bonus, I made new lifelong friends as well. After planning this trip for over a year, the experience itself lived up to — and surpassed — my expectations in so many ways.

Kelley G., Rwanda & Uganda Gorilla Discovery

Great trip. I was especially happy with the National Geographic exclusives. The food we got at the Parwa Community Restaurant was one of the best we enjoyed in Peru. The visit to Parwue de la Papa was enlightening and enjoyable. The same can be said of the visits we did at Lake Titicaca — the Floating island, the Taquile Island visit and lunch hosted by the village on Luquina Peninsular. It is especially heartening and fulfilling to know that [the company] is actively contributing to the local community in helping these villages help themselves in a sustainable manner.

Wern L.C., Inca Explorer

This tour exceeded my expectations on pretty much all fronts. I was able to get pushed out of my comfort zone just enough by being in a place where the customs were different and I didn't speak the language, but at the same time I always felt safe. We were able to see the "real" Morocco in a way that other tours wouldn't have done.

Amanda R., Morocco: Sahara & Beyond

This trip was awesome. The cities, architecture, interiors, food and people were a photographer's dream. I've been to Spain before (Madrid and Barcelona), but Andalusia is truly special. The entire itinerary was great, and the exclusive experiences provided lots of insights into the destination. When I first read about learning to dance flamenco, I didn't think it would be a highlight, but it was so much fun and really made me appreciate the history, talent of the dancers and the show even more. I want to go back!

Ann-Christine R., Discover Moorish Spain

National Geographic Travel Tours & Trips in 2024 (2024)


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