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Buster team builds for Fate Grand Order/FGO: how they work in battle, Servants that fit in those types of teams, craft essences for them, and sample teams.

Buster Team Builds

Buster teams are all about dealing damage by making the most out of Buster Chains. They excel in breaking down strong, high-HP targets, especially boss Servants in Grand Battles.

The downside is that Buster cards have the lowest NP generation. This means that you’ll have to compensate in other ways if you want to use your Noble Phantasms a lot. Furthermore, most Buster-type Servants are Berserkers, which have low defenses, so you’ll have to cover for them, as well.

Team Composition

There are two main parts of a Buster team: damage dealers and defensive support.

Berserkers make up the bulk of the damage dealers, given that most of them have up to 3 Buster Command Cards. This lets them pull off a lot of Buster Chains, even Buster Brave Chains. Some examples of strong Berserkers on Buster teams include: Heracles, Kiyohime, Darius III, Lu Bu Fengxian, and Spartacus. All aforementioned Servants have the added advantage of having Buster-type Noble Phantasms, as well. Tamamo Cat and Lancelot also have 3 Buster Cards, but their Noble Phantasms are Quick types.

Some Sabers also have a good combination of 2 Buster Cards and 2 Arts Cards. This lets them deal both damage and charge up NP gauges. Some examples include: Altria Pendragon, Altria Pendragon (Alter), Altria Pendragon Lily, Altera, and Siegfried. Again, all these Servants have Buster-type Noble Phantasms, letting them trigger even more Buster Chains.

There are also several Lancers that can fit on Buster teams. Romulus, for example, has 2 Buster Cards and 2 Quick Cards. He also comes with several ATK buffs, and a Buster-type Noble Phantasm that can buff the ATK of the entire party. Cu Chulainn might also be able to function well, given 2 Buster Cards and 2 Quick Cards. Though his Noble Phantasm is a Quick-type, it can induce Death and reduce DEF of one enemy. Having their Quick Cards around will also help generate more C. Stars, and the occasional critical hit boosts damage.

Finally, to round out the team, some defensive support is necessary. Mash Kyrielight is an exceptional support character, with 2 Buster Cards and 2 Arts Cards. She can aid in Buster and Arts Chains, as well as protect the party from damage with her skills. Wall of Fuming Chalk can even charge NP on top of its invulnerability effect. Jeanne d’Arc is also a decent support character, boasting amazing defenses, stun skills, and party invulnerability. However, with 3 Arts Cards, she can’t contribute as much in Buster Chains, and will have to focus on Arts Chains.

William Shakespeare can’t provide defense, but he can boost offense even further. Enchant buffs the party’s Buster performance, and King’s Troupe can charge NP. His Noble Phantasm, First Folio, is both a Buster-type and can Stun enemies.

Craft Essence Choices

For the damage-dealers, it’s best to use craft essences that boost Buster card effectiveness. The strongest one currently available is Limited/Zero Over, which gives a 25-30% boost. Verdant Sound of Destruction and The Crimson Black Keys have a similar effect, but are weaker and more common.

For the support characters, it’s best to be able to use their Noble Phantasms as soon as possible. Thus, they appreciate either NP charge or NP gain Craft Essences. Kaleidoscope lets them start the battle with 80-100% NP, and it’s the best of its kind. For alternatives, you can also use: The Imaginary Element or Dragon’s Meridian. The former gives a 60-75% charge, and the latter gives 30-50%. For NP Gain, Divine Banquet can boost it by 25-30%. Magic Crystal and Concentration are your more common alternatives. NP charge is best for short battles, while NP gain is better for long battles, so equip accordingly.

Sample Teams

Team 1

Active Party: Heracles, Mash Kyrielight, Tamamo Cat

Reserve Party: Other Berserkers such as Lu Bu Fengxiang, Spartacus

Possible Support Characters: other Berserkers, or Sabers such as Altria Pendragon

This team makes use of Berserkers with sufficient self-buffing abilities, supported by Mash. Heracles is the star of the team: Valor boosts his ATK, while Mind’s Eye (False) and Battle Continuation boosts his longevity. Tamamo Cat has Monstrous Strength for her ATK buff, and Morph for her DEF buff. Mash’s role will mainly be to apply more defense buffs and help trigger Buster Chains. Should Heracles or Tamamo Cat fall, the reserve party can easily fulfill the same role. Lu Bu has Valor, while Spartacus has Triumphant Return of the Sword.

The downside of this party is that NP generation is very low, outside of Mash’s Wall of Fuming Chalk. It might be good to use Kaleidoscope or other similar Craft Essences for the reserve party Berserkers, in that case. This way, they can immediately use their Noble Phantasms once on the field.

For the support character, having another Berserker can increase offensive power. This can allow the team to overwhelm the enemy forces. Having a Saber, on the other hand, can make it more well-rounded. They would have better survivability, so Mash can focus on defending the Berserker teammate. They would also have one less Buster Card, but in exchange for one more Arts Card. This can cover for the NP generation problems mentioned earlier.

Team 2

Active Party: Altera, Darius III, and Jeanne d’Arc

Reserve Party: other Sabers such asAltria Pendragon, Altria Pendragon (Alter), Altria Pendragon (Lily), and other Berserkers such as Kiyohime or Heracles

Possible Support characters: Jeanne d’Arc/Mash Kyrielight, other Berserkers, other Sabers

One of the less extreme Buster Team builds can go with employing more Sabers and less Berserkers. Raw damage against single targets goes down, but it boasts better NP generation.

All attackers in the party have strong, Buster-type, all-target Noble Phantasms. Altera provides powerful support with her Tactics boosting NP damage for the entire party, and Photon Ray decreasing the DEF of all enemies. Darius III is self-sufficient Berserker, having Guts, healing skills, and an all-target Noble Phantasm. Jeanne d’Arc provides unparalleled defensive support, with her ability to make the party invincible. She also has 3 Arts Cards to help form Arts Chains and charge up NP. Should you not have Jeanne, Mash can always provide much needed defense.

For the reserve party, it’s good to hold other attackers to replace any fallen ones. Other Sabers, especially the ones not in your active party, can also work to replace any fallen comrade and perform the same function. For the Berserkers, Kiyohime is a good example that fits on this team. She has an incredibly powerful all-target Noble Phantasm. However, her only form of defense is Morph. So, she’s best employed with Kaleidoscope or any similar Craft Essence so she can fire off her Noble Phantasm before dying. On the other hand, Heracles is another good Berserker with sufficient self-preservation skills. Though he lacks crowd control, he brings on strong single-target damage, to complement the party.

Altera can be replaced by any of the Altria Pendragon forms, because they all have 2 Buster and 2 Arts Cards. Though they lack a buff to boost NP damage for the party, they do have Charisma to boost ATK for everyone. Altria Lily, on the other hand, can boost NP generation instead. Darius III can also be replaced by Kiyohime, although she trades less survivability for more damage output.

An alternate composition for the active party can be: Mash Kyrielight, Kiyohime, and Altria Pendragon (Lily). These are very easy to obtain, because Mash is a permanent member, Kiyohime is rewarded for finishing the Orleans chapter, and Altria Lily was a free gift for the first downloads.

For the support characters, if you are lucky enough to find a Jeanne d’Arc teammate, then she would be good. If you don’t already have her in the team, then Mash can always fill in a supportive role. Finally, you can supplement your offense with other Sabers and Berserkers.

For a video tutorial, check out the video below:

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