The Best Looping Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors (2024)

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Here's a look at the best looping survivor builds in Dead by Daylight.

By Cole Podany |

First Published March 11, 2024, 16:41

The Best Looping Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors (1)

As a Dead by Daylight Survivor, looping is the most integral skill in your toolkit. Good loopers will be able to draw in the killer's attention, but avoid taking hits or going down for a long period of time. Using the help of strong perks, any survivor can improve their looping game easily. Let's take a look at some of our favorite Dead by Daylight survivor looping builds that'll give you the edge on even experienced killers.

The Best Looping Builds In Dead By Daylight

There are many different ways to approach looping in DBD, and different playstyles are part of what makes the game so fun. To help you find a build that works to your preferences, we've put together three unique survivor looping builds for you to try out to get the edge over those killers.

Windows of Looportunity

  • Windows of Opportunity
  • Lithe
  • Dance With Me
  • Spine Chill

Windows of Opportunity is one of the games' most-used perks for a reason, allowing you to see all of the vaults and windows near you at all times. This lessens your need to have map sense and allows you to focus entirely on how you'll move around each pallet or window you approach. Lithe will give you a boost once you vault a window, giving you the chance to escape or greatly extend a chase. Dance With Me hides your scratch marks for a few seconds after vaulting, helping you confuse the killer and extend a chase or lose the opponent altogether. Spine Chill tops off this build, as it'll make sure you always know when the killer is coming and can get on your way before they're able to hit you.

In It For The Long "Run"

This build provides you the ability to consistently loop throughout the match, with a little boost of Adrenaline at the end to ensure you escape.

  • Adrenaline
  • Deception
  • Sprint Burst
  • Hope

Adrenaline will heal you up at the end game and give you an extra burst of speed, ensuring that you escape and can help your teammates do the same. Hope will also help you stay alive in the end game, granting you extra speed that can grant you the boost you'll need to unhook your teammates. Deception is a fun perk that can trick the killer into thinking that you've gone into lockers, which can buy you extra time during chases. Sprint Burst grants you some speed when you start running which makes sure you'll always have one-up on the killer.

You Can Run...And Hide

As the old saying goes, "You can run, but you can't hide" - but this build allows you to do both. This loadout equips you with the perks you'll need to keep a chase going, and some perks to help you escape after you've wasted some of the killer's time.

  • Dead Hard
  • Dance With Me
  • Lightweight
  • Off The Record

Dead Hard allows you to take an extra hit at any point, provided you time it right; this can easily lengthen a chase much longer than almost any other perk in the game. Off The Record will also grant you an extra hit once you're off the hook - provided you don't complete any Conspicuous Actions before your immunity runs out - and will hide your aura from the killer, ensuring you have some time to cool down. For anti-tunneling perks, it's one of the best. Dance With Me and Lightweight both suppress your scratch marks, which ensures that even if you end up in a tough chase and use your Dead Hard, you'll be able to make a clean escape.

These are some of the best Dead by Daylight looping builds to help you avoid going down to the killer, but if you're looking for more help, check out the rest of our guides just below.

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The Best Looping Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors (4)

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The Best Looping Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors (5)The Best Looping Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors (6)

The Best Looping Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors (2024)


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